Got Agricultural Waste?



Check where and when you can take your obsolete pesticide and livestock medications

into a nearby retailer. The Pesticide round-ups

are operated by Clean Farms.

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For Grain, Silage and Bale Twine the Athabasca Recycle Facility has available Tote bags for the collection and transportation of CLEAN Grain and Silage Bags as well as special bags for Bale Twine.  Call 780.675.1117 or drop by for more information. 

Dirty Silage or Grain Plastic must be directly hauled to the Regional or Boyle Landfill. 

ForPesticide Containers all sites accept small quantities however all large loads should be delivered directly to the Colinton Transfer Station. Large totes are available if required for collection and transportation.

For more information on Agricultural Pesticide Container program go to the Clean Farms Website.

For any Obsolete Pesticide or Livestock Medications go to the Clean Farms Website.



Box 90 Athabasca AB T9S 2A2